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TEDxCIFE - The Speakers

Meet the speakers of our second TEDxCIFE event!
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Nicole Bogott is a political scientist, published author and public speaker. Her research focuses on power dynamics in the international context, in particular in regards to new approaches towards the creation of equality of opportunity and influence. She evaluates the future of democracy by analysing global social movements, various forms of civic participation and governance systems. 

As a female tech entrepreneur, she creates safe spaces for dialogue. She is the executive director of Philia, an international peer platform, focusing on the personal, relational and societal dimensions of empowerment and leadership. Further, Nicole has co-created impACT, a community-driven solidarity network for social entrepreneurs launching bottom-up solutions for global impact and a more ethical economy. With the campaign Conversations on Consent, Nicole Bogott works with a global team towards fostering a culture of consent around the world and revolutionising sexual criminal law.

Nicole is a CIFE Alumna, she graduated with the trilingual Master in Advanced European and International Studies.

At TEDxCIFE, Nicole will speak about Revolutionising Human Interaction to Create New Economic, Political and Societal Spaces.

Tobias Bütow is the German Secretary General of the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO), an international organisation dedicated to the German-French cooperation. The founding of the FGYO goes back to the Franco-German friendship agreement, the “Elysée Treaty” of 1963. Its mission is to strengthen ties between German and French youth and to deepen their understanding about one another. 

As a historian and political scientist, Tobias worked for the Holocaust Memorial Yad VaShem in Jerusalem, Israel, and the OSCE in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Berlin, he worked for the Berlinale, Radio Eins Freiluftkino Friedrichshain, developed exhibitions at the German Historical Museum and conducted international youth seminars at the House of the Wannsee Conference. From 2010 to 2019, Tobias directed multilateral mobility programmes at CIFE, with a focus on Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. Tobias is co-founder and former president of the Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand in Nice, board member of the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe and member of the jury of the Adenauer-De Gaulle Prize.

At TEDxCIFE, Tobias will speak about Re-connect! What Can we Learn from the Franco-German Friendship?


Giacomo Famigli is a 27-year-old Italian bookworm and language lover, with a degree in law and a master in political science. Giacomo is currently trying to establish himself as a researcher while publishing academic papers and volunteering in the Italian Green Party.  

Giacomo is a CIFE Alumnus, he graduated with the Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs.

At TEDxCIFE, Giacomo will speak about Saving Jobs from Artificial Intelligence.

Anisa Goshi left her home-country, Albania, alone at the age of 17. In the near two decades that have passed since then, people have been a central focus of her professional and personal journey. Her early life and the immigrant experience have heavily influenced her passion for working with displaced communities and people affected by conflict. Having had the privilege to witness what keeps our spirit going when faced with blasts that feel unending, she is forever interested in the complexity of being human, our light and dark, how we build resilience, in supporting people through critical times, and in documenting the human condition through writing and photography.

Anisa has worked internationally in the humanitarian, legal, health, and management consulting sectors. She is the Co-Founder of The Crisis Compass, a consultancy that builds innovative tools and takes a human-centered approach to crisis management in supporting and training businesses and organistaions navigate uncertainty and build team resilience.

At TEDxCIFE, Anisa will speak about The Art of Resilience – Forming in the Wet Sand. 


Lucia Kamati stumbled into energy by chance. She spent the first years of her carrier coordinating projects between Namibia and international countries. Through her journey, she understood the power of electricity in enabling socio-economic opportunities for rural communities. With experience in on-grid and off-grid projects, Lucia is currently a Senior Project Manager at a renewable energy company in Germany and prior to that, she worked in Italy, France, and Namibia. In addition, she is the Co-founder of Tuminikila Energy Namibia, an off-grid start-up.

Lucia is a CIFE Alumna, she graduated with the Master in Global Energy Transition and Governance.

At TEDxCIFE, Lucia will speak about Inspiring Women of Colour to Join the Energy Sector.
This TEDx talk will be held together with Nadiya Nair.

Thomas Lahnthaler is an international crisis leader, facilitator, mediator, and mentor. Over the past two decades he worked in over 30 countries with some of the most complex and dynamic crises and conflicts of our time. Thomas is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Crisis Compass, where he works with human-centered crisis management using a toolbox of innovative methods. Thomas is highly passionate about constantly exploring new perspectives and uncovering hidden assumptions that influence our decision-making. He is continuously advocating for finding new ways to learn and loves doing things differently.

Thomas helps companies and leaders to navigate uncertainty using a combination of serious play, reflection, and practical experience. His approach is heavily influenced by his work and the time he spent with indigenous peoples around the world. He regularly refers to his biggest teachers, his two children.

At TEDxCIFE, Thomas will speak about How Reconnecting to Your Inner Child is a Superpower During a Crisis. 


Nadiya Nair has always been passionate about the environment and from a very young age, she knew she wanted to create an impact.  After working for 4 years in the finance sector, she decided to pursue her Masters in Energy specialising in energy storage systems. Upon graduating, she has worked throughout Europe as a renewable energy & carbon market specialist. She currently spearheads the development of renewable energy and carbon markets for Asia Pacific. Having been born and bred in a developing country, Nadiya has been advocating on sustainable finance, sustainable energy access for all as well as nature-based climate solutions.

Nadiya is a CIFE Alumna, she graduated with the Master in Global Energy Transition and Governance.

At TEDxCIFE, Nadiya will speak about Inspiring Women of Colour to Join the Energy Sector.
This TEDx talk will be held together with Lucia Kamati.