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After a long pause of almost two years, we are looking forward to turning the page from a virtual to a real life again.

With vaccination campaigns accelerating in some parts of the world, we’re also trying to define what is happening – and why. What is our “new normal”? Are we going back to our daily routines or will we be changing the way we work, live and experience things? Will the pandemic push us to change our behaviour as humans so that we can tackle the climate crisis?

For some, the period we are leaving behind gives an incentive to reconnect with who we are, with nature, with our “self”. But, first of all, humans are social animals. It’s also time to reconnect, get together, share lessons learnt and create new concepts for a better living!

The TEDxCIFE event seeks to explore the richness that lies within the idea of “Reconnecting”. For our second TEDx event, we have selected this theme as we believe that the world is in a crucial transition period – with all its fascinating potential, challenges and risks.

The speakers of this event will come from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds and will tackle the topic from various points of view. Join in and listen to their experiences and questionings about reconnecting ... with ourselves, with others, with nature, with our ideals, visions and dreams.

Previous Events

The first TEDxCIFE event took place in Nice on 7 October 2017.
It tackled the manifold aspects of "Transition".

Barrier or bridge? Sharp cut or continuity? A change of status is always a shaping experience which we can live as enriching or divisive. The TEDxCIFE event seeks to explore the richness that lies within the idea of "transition".

The speakers of this event came from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds and tackled the topic from a variety of point of views. They spoke about transiting over, across, through... From one culture to the other, from traditional to digital media, from fossil to renewable energies, from fast to slow food ...

Date: 7 October 2017

Venue:  CIFE
81 Rue de France
06000 NICE, France



Previous Speakers

Nina Frauenfeld is a passionate and highly energetic business trainer, a strategic consultant and an empathetic counselor. Her vocation is to enable people to use their cross-cultural competence successfully. 
Nina worked for an American software company in Germany where she was responsible for creating and maintaining partnerships with strategic business schools and universities all over Europe, Middle East and Africa. Heading up a team of 20+ Academic Program specialists she faced intercultural challenges on a daily basis. She was fascinated how well an intercultural team can perform when cultural differences are taken into account sensitively and professionally. 

Nina is the founder of SUCCESS ACROSS, an international trainer, coach and consultant network offering their services in 44 countries, in 28 languages and across 19 different industries. The aim of Success Across is to enable people and organisations across the world to become successful in working together internationally.  

George N. Tzogopoulos is CIFE Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Democritus University of Thrace, Greece. An expert on media, politics and recently Asian Studies with emphasis on China, he is also the founder of chinaandgreece.com and a regular columnist in Global Times and china.org.cn.

George is the author of the books US Foreign Policy in the European Media and The Greek Crisis in the Media and is currently preparing his new one on China's role in the world.

Petek Jinkins is a Turkish CIFE Alumna. Following a number of expat transitions in Turkey, Taiwan and the United States, she settled down in Copenhagen, Denmark with her family in 2014. She previously worked at the Copenhagen Business School in HR international support and has been on the Board of a number of international networks for expats (PWN-Professional Women's Network for Balanced Leadership and JCI-Junior Chamber International for HR/memberships).

Her main interests are global mobility, internationalization and expat access in local job markets.
Petek spends her free time learning Danish, admiring Byzantine coins and mosaics, and practicing geometric origami.

Fabian Luetzig is a CIFE Alumnus with years of experience in HR Change Enablement Consulting and works as a Life and Business Coach for Young Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Students with clients on 3 continents. Fabian has lived in Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey and currently works from New York City, USA.

He partners with his clients to discover their very personal and very specific vision for the future; then he empowers them to define and take the steps towards making that vision a reality, in a way that truly fits in with their life so that it motivates and compels them.

Anne Topenot is a French international trainer, learning from life, places and people. She graduated at CIFE in the trilingual programme. Specialised in the art of pitching in French and English, recognised Competent Communicator and Leader by Toastmasters International and certified as a consultant, trainer and mediator, she has been training local business actors and entrepreneurs in effective communication since 2008 to help them find their voice and dare to take their project to the next level in English. 

Georgi Kamov is an innovation consultant, design thinking coach, motivational speaker, author and CIFE alumnus. He is the co-founder of DesignThinking.bg, the leading innovation consultancy in Bulgaria with renowned international clients. He has worked with a wide range of teams on design thinking training and project support. Georgi is the co-founder of Red Paper Plane, a social enterprise providing project-based learning to 3-9 y/o children, parents and educators.

He is a motivational speaker, a lecturer at three TEDx events and numerous other conferences, seminars and workshops. He co-founded Bagra, a foundation focused on quality of life, wellbeing and public service innovation. He is the author of "Destination Number One", a manifesto promoting Bulgaria as a potential leader in social innovation. He has also worked on European integration and EU foreign policy issues, including a stint at the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry. Happily married with two kids.